» Project #3 - The Tool to edit the worldmap is completed!

Project #3 - The Tool to edit the worldmap is completed!

And here it is. The tool you all have been waiting for, the one I have been asked for about 100 times so far. Its able to edit everything related to the worldmaps.

Well, but how to find it? The answer is simple but efficient: Its built-in in the new 1.90 Version of Advance Map. LU-HO and me decided it would be the best if we merge the tools since the worldmap is directly related to all the other maps in the game.

Therefore I worked hard to provide all the needed information, but now weve reached the point where we can say: "Its finished!"

Download the newest Advance Map with a LOT of additions of mine here:
Advance Map 1.90 Details

Enjoy! Please inform me about any bugs. If you just have an annotation feel free to write an email.

Mastermind_X, Mon 18.02.2008 23:24

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