» Pokemon Day 2008 Munich - Hacked

Pokemon Day 2008 Munich - Hacked

Jup, I have to admit, I was there - with Tutti from RHW.

Well - usually, what do you do if you┤re surrounded by about 500 underaged children? Yes - you write some nice hack in order to get rid of your boredom. =)

So we finally managed to sniff the frequency of the Darkrai download station and replaced the Darkrai by the unachievable Arceus Event - including the Azure Flute. =P

So we sat in front of McDonald┤s and watched all the kids climbing the Sky Pillar and catching Arceus instead of Darkrai.

BTW gratz to Nintendo on not having learned anything about hackers the last years. I really liked the moment when I recognized that you┤re distributing Darkrai via an unsecure connection without any encryptions. XD

So - it was really fun for both of us, I hope all the other visitors enjoyed our "idea" too.

Pics? Sure, we have. =)

Mastermind_X, Mon 06.10.2008 22:50

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